Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Facts Regarding High Blood Pressure



Although high blood pressure is a very common issue in
society today, it is a very serious condition. This is
commonly called "hypertension". As the most common type of
cardiovascular disease, it is a day-to-day issue with many
people. If you or someone that you know is a sufferer of
this condition, it is time that you become familiar with the
facts regarding the disease.

Hypertension is typically defined as the elevated pressure
present on the artery walls of the blood stream. This
pressure, if it is higher than normal, is potentially a
serious medical issue. As a leading problem concerning
stroke and heart disease, it is the most common form of
cardiovascular disease in the world. Most heart attacks and
strokes are a direct result of high blood pressure.

There are two main categories under which sufferers of
hypertension fall under. The first is called "primary
hypertension". This is the appearance of elevated blood
pressure without a serious medical reason causing it. Most
people, as much as 95%, fall under this category. "Secondary
hypertension" is a more serious issue, as the hypertension
is caused by potentially serious issues with the kidneys,
heart, or endocrine system.

Adjusting your lifestyle is especially important for people
who are at a higher risk than others. The majority of risk
is genetic in nature. This means that people with a family
history of heart disease, diabetes, and obviously
hypertension, are considered high risk and should take
special care. Other significant factors are obesity, alcohol
and tobacco use, and a poor diet high in sodium and
saturated fat.

If you need to lower the blood pressure, there are many ways
of approaching this. In general, living a healthy lifestyle
is ideal. This includes a sensible diet that you stick to
and regular exercise. Leave foods that are high in saturated
fats and sodium behind. In their place add leafy vegetables
and fruit. Another important idea is regular exercise,
especially cardiovascular workouts.

It is ideal that you avoid drinking alcohol and smoking
tobacco products. Both of these activities directly raise
your blood pressure, putting you in danger every time you
indulge. They can have damaging effects on artery walls.
These are bad habits that make treating hypertension much
more difficult than it needs to be.

Stress also has a direct impact on the problem. Although you
probably won't be able to eliminate stress from your life
completely, you can take steps to reduce it. Anything that
helps you relax can be useful. When you begin to feel
stressed, take a moment and breathe deeply. Try and keep
positive thoughts. If possible, identify sources of stress
and put them out of your life completely. Learning how to
manage your time and setting realistic daily goals for
yourself will also help you deal with stress.

Although it is extremely common, do not overlook the
potential long-term effects of hypertension. Take the
appropriate steps to lower your blood pressure. This has the
potential to shorten your lifespan considerably. Make the
daily lifestyle changes that are necessary, and take steps
to reduce day-to-day stress, and you can begin living a
healthy life.

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