Saturday, March 5, 2011

How much does fishing cost?

If you get serious about fishing, it can cost you a lot of money. Everything that is related to fishing costs money. Starting with the rod and reel, working your way through to the fishing line, hooks, sinkers, floats, burley, lures you soon build up a huge list of things that are purchased. Then, you buy a second rod because one won't do everything that you want it to, along with another reel, fishing line and fishing tackle. Most people who go fishing regularly have at least 3 rods. One is usually a big beach rod with an egg beater reel, another is a boat fishing rod with an overhead reel and some heavy braid line, and the other rod is a smaller one used for freshwater fishing or light river fishing.

Then, the costs don't end there. You have to purchase bait every time you go out, along with burley too. Bait can cost over 15 dollars per person each time you are going out, and even more if you are trying to catch big fish. Worse still, there is no guarantee that you are going to get anything; you can spend that money and come back empty handed. Now, whilst it seems unfair to make fishing sound like such a bad sport, there is a good reason. You should take up spearfishing! To get you motivated, have a look on Youtube for a good Spearfishing Video – there are plenty online.

Unlike fishing, once you purchase what you need (speargun, Spearfishing float and basic snorkeling gear) you have very limited costs. From time to time you need to replace the gun rubbers and the line, but other than this you really have to pay very little. Every time you go out its free and you have a much greater chance of bringing something back in. However, the money spent on fishing is well worth it; fishing and spearfishing are both great sports and everyone should enjoy them!

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